My Life Journal
My Father Was A Disctrict Mayer in 194x (Not Sure the year)
Born in Hanoi VN 04/12/1953-Mom Holding me/Brother/Sister
Mom Holding me
Uncle and My Sister / Me / Cousin / Brother - Moved to Saigon 1954
Certificate Of 11th Grade National Test
Certificate Of 12th Grade National Test
Certificate of 2nd Yrs in Saigon University Law School
After High School, To Be an Air Force Pilot Was My Dream But I Was Denided Due To Not Enough Weight
Pass Abtitude Test To Be Trained and Work for Office Prime Minister Computer Center (OPMCC) in 1972
The Fall of Saigon April 30th 1975
Forced to Teach Computer For Commuist Party From 05/01/1975 to Jan-1980
Fled Vietnam by Small Boat in Jan-1980
After 8 Days in The Ocean Without Foods and Robbed by Thai's Pirates
Ended Up To ThaiLand/3 Months Without Camp
3 Months in Songla Refugee Camp
3 Months in Galang Indonesia Refugee Camp
Arried to United State on October 2nd 1980 in Indiana State Where Sponsored by My Counsin (Blue Jacket)
Came to California By Bus on Christmas Eve of 1980
Attend Orange Coast Community College (OCC) (1981-1983)
Ride Bicycle to School
I Was A Tutor For Computer Languages (COBOL / RPG / FORTRAN 4)
Transfered to University of California Irvine (UCI) Majoring Computer Science (1984-1986)
Married in September 06 1986
Two Daughters
Crystal (05/13/1989) and Emily (10/05/1991)
18 Years in This Home - Many Memories That I Missed So Much
Happy Birthday/Father/Christmas/New Year Days
Crystal Oregon State University Graduation 2010
Emily Cal State Fullerton University Graduation 2016
First Time Came Back To My Parent Home in 1994 Since I Fled Vietnam in 1980
Work Reconigtion